Pricing and Policies

Private Lessons

Private Lessons consist of one student and are priced at $150 per month. This reflects an average of four weekly half hour lessons each month over the course of the school year.

Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons consist of 2-3 students and are priced at $110 per student per month. This reflects an average of four weekly half hour lessons each month over the course of the school year. Group lessons take place when two or three brand new students sign up as a unit with the intention of taking lessons together. GIGS does not arrange groups lessons between new students that have not previously met.

Family/Sibling Discount

For each additional family member that concurrently enrolls in lessons at GIGS, you will receive a $10 discount per student on the monthly rate. For instance, if you have two children concurrently enrolled in separate private lessons, the cost would reduce to $140/month/student. If you have one child in private lessons, and the other in a group lesson, the cost would be $140/month for the private lessons and $100/month for the group lessons. The same discount system also applies to any one student signed up for an hour long lesson, or has two separate half hour lessons on two different days of the week ($280/month).

Payment Schedule

GIGS monthly payments are made automatically on the first of each month (for the month ahead) via recurring credit card payments. Once your child gets on the schedule, we can set up your payment profile either here in the studio or over the phone.  Your card will be charged the monthly rate on the first of each month throughout the school year as your child continues his or her lessons. We will touch base with every family in the spring to plan for summer lessons – otherwise, these monthly payments to your card will be placed on hold after May 1st. There is no long-term commitment to sign up with GIGS – if for any reason your son or daughter needed to take a break from his or her lessons, the automatic payments would cease immediately.

Missed Lessons & Makeup Policy

If your child needs to miss their weekly lesson, it’s no problem at all. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible by emailing or calling us to let us know, so that we may make the proper accommodations to our staff and student schedules.

Any lesson missed will be recorded and rescheduled for a later date. We are happy to select a different day of the same week, or double down on lessons the following week. Makeups can also be saved to be used in our summer session during June and July of the same calendar year. We will always work with each family to get creative in rescheduling lessons for your child, but makeups from the school year cannot carry over into a new fiscal year once the summer session has been completed.

Substitute Teachers

Should it become necessary for a teacher to miss an appointment due to extraordinary circumstances, students will be provided with a substitute teacher, almost always another teacher from the GIGS staff.

Inclement Weather

During snow or severe weather events, GIGS will remain open if we feel the roads will be safe by the time we open up at 3:30. We always contact our families in the late morning to inform them of our decision on a case by case basis. If we are forced to close because the roads are not safe, we will coordinate make up lessons for all students on a different day/time.